About Us

HYDROMEDIC is an innovative French company that has developed a device capable of performing Hyperthermic IntraPeritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) for the treatment of the peritoneum malignancies, Hyperthermic IntraThoracic Chemotherapy (HITC) for the thoracic organs and Hyperthermic IntraVascular Chemotherapy (HIVC) for limbs and organs. In some cases those techniques are also known as isolated leaver and isolated limbs perfusions.

Today the results are very encouraging after multiple clinical & technical trials in most large French hospitals. Patients condemned to less than a month would be in remission in one case out of two with a life expectancy at five and half years.

In view of the results we have just developed the HYDROCARE which will be much more efficient in terms of safety of use than the others machines that have served in the various clinical trials. At the leading edge of technology, the HYDROCARE is described as efficient, multifunctional and user-friendly.

All these successes have federated a large number of surgeons around this technique who come together every 2 years in world congress. For year 2018, it will take place from the 9th to the 11th of September in Paris and will bring together more than 600 surgeons from more than 100 countries.

To date, many surgeons from different foreign countries who want to acquire this machine have been trained to practice this new technique. In France, several CHU are likely to be equipped.

This strong demand is very encouraging for the success of HYDROMEDIC and this is why we decided to invest in Lyon (South East France) in some appropriate premises in Roches De Condrieu.

The company is in the course of certification EN ISO13485 with the LNE-GMED.

HYDROCARE is in the process of CE medical marking with LNE GMED.

The creation of the company was the result of the collaboration between Mr. Alimoundhir DHOUL-ANRIF, an engineer well known in France for training surgeons & nurses in HIPEC and Mr. Ludovic DA ROCHA.